Godox has shown its newest product that puts the boundaries of their AD200 even further.

With the Godox XP-200 (or rebranded as Flashpoint EVOLV 200 extension head) you can separate the tiny flash head of the AD200 from its heavier body. With this trick it is much more useable and convenient with smaller boom arms or hand-held flash-sticks since the light-stand or your assistant didn’t have to hold the ‘heavy’ AD200 just its small flashhead. Every grams count in these cases.

There is no specification about the product at the moment, but the cable seems about 1.8m long and possibly by using it, you’ll loose about 1/3-1/2 EV power of the flash.

You can see from the pictures above that the XP-200’s head is tiltable, so you can use it on-camera too but with a flash-bracket, because the head has only a cold-shoe mount, you’ll still need a radio trigger to operate.


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