Godox has announced the AD400 PRO, their professional 400Ws battery powered TTL+HSS studio strobe.

Regarding it’s form factor and shape the Godox Witstro AD400 PRO is quite similar to its bigger brother the AD600 PRO, but it became a rather sleek design. As its length it’s not much bigger than the Witstro AD200, it’s just thicker.

The Godox AD400PRO does the same as the AD600PRO (review here) except its power output which is only 400Ws, and it has no built in Bowens S-type adapter due to its smaller size. Although you’ll get one in the box with the strobe. The AD400PRO will possibly replace the AD360-II in Godox’s line-up in long term, as the AD200 has replaced the AD180.

For all the details pls check out the official product sheets:


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