Flashpoint – rebranded Godox in the US by Adorama – has announced a vertical shot shoe adapter for Flashpoint R2 / Godox XPro transmitters. Unfortunately though this is also exclusively sold only for the US market.

This is the second product that is exclusive from Flashpoint and not available outside the US under Godox brand. The first was the second generation of Godox XPro…I mean the Flashpoint R2 trigger.

The main point of this vertical adapter is to make the UI of the trigger visible when the camera is on a tripod. It seems unreasonably high at first look but the manufacturer says it has been made such high in order to avoid hitting the trigger with your forehead when looking in the viewfinder.

The vertical adapter is a simple TTL pass-through stuff and needs no battery. It will be available only for Canon and Nikon at the beginning.


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