The Godox 6 in 1 accessory kit is an ideal choice for newbie photogs but pros may also fit them into their workflow.

The pricetag is really friendly on its own too but considering that you’ll get a gel set for 5 speedlights, honeycomb grid, mini-softbox, umbrella adapter and 3 other light-modifiers for that price, I think it’s a real bargain.

Let’s see them one by one:

Adapter strap

The Godox SA-K6 provides a convenient velcro-solution. One side of the velcro goes on the head of your speedlight (fixed with velcro too so no need for glueing sticking and such). The inner side is a bit sticky so the strap will remain on its place anytime. It has one issue only: the strap is covered with the rough part of the velcro (while the soft part is on the accessories) so you cannot put your speedlights into your camera bag with the strap on, because the rough side will stick into the bag every time. It would have been better if the strap was covered with the soft part of the velcro and the rough side went on the accessories. Although removing and replacing the strap is really not a big deal.

It was a big surprise to me that Godox gives 5pcs of straps in the pack, so you’ll have one for all of your speedlights.

Color gels

The SA-K6 kit includes a small set of color gels. There are a couple of color correction gels as well as color effect gels. The enclosed color spectrum charts for each look really cool. Anybody cares? Not really, but looks professional though. 😀 The gels fit into a strap-on holder made of massive transparent foil.

Among the gels there are 1/4, 1/2 and full CTOs (that matches the 5500K flashlight to several WB incandescent ambient lights or sunset), but this is the only color that comes in full set. There is one (full, 1EV) Plus Green gel for fluorescent lights and that’s all for color correction gels. No CTB included because the blue gel is already a color effect gel as well as the red and the yellow ones. The set would be only complete with a row of CTBs and and NDs unfortunately.

Honeycomb grid

This is a simple but useful accessory. The construction of the honeycomb grid does not allow to spread the light of the flash sideways but only to the front so we can achieve a spotlight effect with it, which is bright in the middle and falls down gradually toward the sides.

Bounce card

The SA-K6 kit has a double sided bouce card. One side is white the other is structured silver. You can use it while popping on the ceiling: the majority of the big soft light bounces off the ceiling on your model, while there will be a little catchlight that comes from the card at camera-level and will fill the shadows. The white side gives you a softer result, the silver gives a more sparkle light feeling. You can place the bouncecard anywhere on the flash head depending on the position of the tilt/swivel head.

Mini softbox

You are able to enlarge the size of your light source with this accesory. I am personally not a big fan of mini-softboxes because you cannot get pleasing results with them. They are still too small for portrait photography but they can be you good friend while photographing small products. To avoid the hot spot on the front of the box, Godox has made the material thicker in the middle of the diffuser. Clever.


There is a foldable snoot included in the kit as well. Its surface is white inside and you’ll be able to create – again – spotlight with it. The diameter of the spot can be somewhat adjusted with the diameter of hole of the front.

Umbrella holder

You’ll get a plastic umbrella holder too that holds your speedlight. It’s important to know that it only has a 1/4″ screw mount on the bottom, so you’ll be able to mount it on light stands that have a 1/4″ screw on the top of their spigot. However you’ll be able to mount it on your camera tripod or Gorillapod too.


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