Renowned light meter manufacturer Sekonic have published a survey asking photographers’ opinion about potential Godox/Flashpoint-compatible light meters.

Sekonic has two options now, the L-858D and the L-478D (see picture), both can trigger flashes and adjust their power provided that they are Elinchrom, Phottix or PocketWizard compatible. If there is a major demand, Sekonic will produce also a Godox version of these.

Having such a light meter with radio module makes flash photography very precise and convenient.

You can find the international survey here.


  1. This survey has been open for more than 9 months. Would you know if Sekonic has made any decision OR would you know when would they do if not so already? If they decide to go with GODOX flash compatible meters, would you know how long would it take for the meter to be available in market?

  2. That would be more then great to have it for Godox
    That will be a game changer all around the world Godox is being used more then any other company.


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