I’ve tried the Godox LED500LR-C video light, so here is the summary of my experiences.

The Godox LED500LR-C is a 32W, variable color temperature LED light with 500pcs diodes. 32W in ‘LED-term’ is equivalent to approx. 150-200W tungsten light, however these days telling the equivalent performance is maybe unnecessary since every continuous light users knew the ‘LED-terms’ already. And the amount of light we get also depends on how we focus it. Obviously in case of this light…well, not at all.

The LED500LR has a 4-wing barn-door that is silver inside. I’ve tested how it effects the light output. I’ve measured 0,1EV differenc if the doors stay in approx. 90 degrees. Out of this I think these barn-doors have no point. Yes you can decrease the light output when they are closed a bit, but it has no sense because the output can be adjusted from 10-100% in 1% increments anyway.

The LED-light can be operated from mains, thus the power adapter is enclosed in the package as well as a grab handle and an adjustable light stand adapter. But you can operate it also with batteries, if you buy a couple of NP-F970 separately. The light-stand adapter also have a flash cold-shoe so the LED-light can be inserted into a camera’s hotshoe as well because it is very lightweight. Godox also delivers a frost plate with the light that can be slid in front of the LED. It tries to eliminate multiple shadows in close distances caused by the LED rows. I guess a CTO plate is also available, although it is unnecessary in case of this model as the WB can be adjusted here too.

The color temperature of the light may be varied between 3300K and 5600K after pressing the SET button. According to my measurements though, the 5600K is a bit far from the truth: on the white-end of the color temp range the light has approx. 5000K WB and a slight magenta tint that can be neutralised by -19 Tint adjustment in post. Obviously it causes no problem if you use one light or multiple lights from only this model: you just set the WB on your camera and that’s it. But if you want to combine this LED light with other brands or models, the color difference may cause inconveniences.

One of the best features of Godox LED500LR is the ability of remote controlling. Godox gives a 433MHz radio controller to each lamp (if you buy 6, then you’ll have 6pcs remote controllers), which can control several light in A-F groups and 16 channels. We can adjust the power output and the color temp with it.

As for the performance of the Godox LED500LR-C I can say that it is suitable for portrait lighting mainly indoors. It’s okay for an interview for example, or for a YouTube vlog video. You can make a half-body composition with f/2.8 and ISO200 besides the regular 1/50-1/60s shutter speeds. It may be useful on weddings too around the dance floor for example as an ambient light. But its power will not be enough for outdoor use or in a room in daylight, except if we put several lights in one place.

If you need more power, I’d suggest to buy the fixed color temperature version as it uses all the 500 LED-diodes at full power, while the variable version uses only one half or the other depending on what color we choose.


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