Godox has announced some firmware updates and we were told that AF-assist light is coming for Sony.


Godox has announced on their Facebook page that thanks to the new firmwares the Godox V860-II, the Godox X-Pro C and the new Godox V1-C items are compatible with the following Canon products:

  • EOS 1500D
  • EOS 2000D
  • EOS 3000D
  • EOS 4000D
  • EOS Rebel T7

Why is it ‘big’ news? Because in case of these cameras Canon has left out the center-pin connector from their hotshoes…for the first time since ISO hotshoes exist. Godox is the first 3rd party manufacturer that offers compatible speedlights and transmitter to these Canon cameras.


We were told by a Godox representative that the company had been working for a new firmware for Sonys, that allows AF-assist light operation with mirrorless cameras, both for speedlights and transmitters. No timing yet.


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