Bad news for you Godox-lovers out there. After one year of operation and over 130 posts, will be shut off for an indefinite period of time.

Thank you for visiting this site in the recent times!

Yours sincerely,

Mark, editor of



  1. If it’s a host or WordPress issue, I may be able to help. Your information is great, I’d love to keep reading!

    • Thanks but unfortunately it’s a financial issue. The German-Hungarian Godox distributor (who had sponsored this blog) decided to give it up. I am working for them for many years, I am wriging a flash photography blog for them in Hungarian language too. One year ago they’ve came up with the idea to write in English as well with the support of the Godox factory in China. That’s how has born. Now they decided to shut this blog off. I do not know details unfortunately but I was told not to continue it from June.


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