Chinese flash and trigger manufacturer announced a new, palm-sized barebulb studio flash, aimed to compete with Godox AD200.

The Cactus RQ250 is a 250Ws portalbe studio strobe with built-in Cactus V6 receiver.

The RQ250 is so small that it fits into your palm. With it’s built in li-ion battery, TTL+HSS features, LED modelling light and detachable reflector, the Cactus RQ250 may be a good alternative to the Godox AD200 or the SMDV BRiGHT-360 bare-bulb flashes.

The flash will receive light shapers and gel holders, but if you want to use it with Bowens S-type light modifiers, you’ll need an adapter.

The Cactus RQ250’s pricing and availablity is yet to be announced.


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