Leica has announced its new speedlight with radio-control ability and belonging radio controller unit. All similar to Nissin’s recent radio-enabled products from 2016 as well as January 2018.

Leica has announced their first radio-controlled TTL flash unit called SF 60 with GN 60, 24-200mm zoom head, built-in LED light and a very strange flash head.

They’ve also presented their first TTL flash commander unit called SF C1 (see above). The controller is able to handle 3 flash-groups on 7 channels.

The price tag is quite high as usual with Leica products. The SF 60 speedlight costs 595 dollars at Leica Stores.

Funny thing is that both the flash and the commander are exactly the same as Nissin i60A speedlight from 2016 and Nissin Air10s commander unit from January 2018, although these Nissin products are not available with Leica TTL-compatibility at the moment. Nissin i60A costs 335 dollars in the US.



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