Godox is going into footsteps of Westcott, Yongnuo and others by launching LC500, a “lightsaber” that is similar to the original Ice Light.

Ice Light has been developed by Westcott (USA) and renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis back in 2012. This lightsaber-formed lighting equipment has become very popular among location photographers.

After Yongnuo and some other manufacturers now Godox also has announced their similar model called Godox LC500. It is a light stick with 516 bi-color LEDs and 80W performance (1200 lux). The LC500 light stick is equipped with built-in Li-Ion battery, barn doors and it’s power and white balance (3200-5500K) can be controlled with Godox’s universal remote controller in 6 wireless groups and 16 channels.

There will be no problem with its light quality either, CRI and TLCI numbers are above 95. The Godox LC500 can be hand-held or can be applied on a lightstand as well.

Price and availability are yet to be announced.


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