Godox has shown Ami to the public, their new smartphone flash which is a downgraded version of the previous one called A1.

Ami is very similar to the Godox A1 but it lacks the 2.4GHz Godox X-system compatibility, therefore it can be used only with smartphones in opposite of the Godox A1. The latter can be embedded into Godox’s flash trigger system.

Ami is a French word for “friend”, that means this little device may be your smartphone’s best friend for off-camera use and for making better selfies.

It connects with Bluetooth and features a xenon flash that can be triggered simultaneously with your phone’s flash. Pls note that there is not any data-connection with your phone’s camera in this regard, so Ami uses its built-in light-meter that evaluates the returning light for proper exposure.

No words for availability or price at the moment.


  1. Just got the Godox Ami/Flashpoint M1 Mini from Adorama. It’s just what I was hoping for- small enough to be pocketable with my phone, easy Bluetooth syncing. EXCEPT- the app is several steps backwards from the latest version for the A1 phone flash. It has no control over shutter speed (to blend ambient and flash light) and no option to use the 2X lens on the newer iPhones.(The metadata on my test shots indicate the shutter speed is mostly 1/50 sec, with a few at 1/30. I tried different ISOs, the shutter speed change seems random.) Why didn’t Godox just port over the most refined version of the Godox Photo app for the A1, that incorporates these features? (That app is still missing the aspect ratio option to select 1:1 for Instagram and other use.)

  2. Dosent work with IPhone XS Max. FLash work but not correct sync time with camera. flash flashing but the picture dark. hope the fix the problem.

  3. Same with me. The Godox A1 also doesn`t work with iphone XS Max. I don`t want to send it back but the flash is useless if they don`t provide an update of the app. That is a pitty and easy to fix. But no reaction from godox.


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