Do it like myself. I watch this video of a wedding photoshoot…then I think about how I shot weddings recently.

A couple of weeks before I made a shoot at the local park in the city. The park is under construction so I had to compose the shots so that neither fences and other construction-materials can be seen in the background, nor other people from the park. Moreover the couple was not willing to walk more than 300 meters from our car because “it’s too far away and the weather is hot”. Obviously we were right before the ceremony.

Later on the next wedding I was lucky enough to shoot on two pretty good locations, a park of a castle with a beautiful lake and ancient trees around, then on an American football field because the groom was the trainer of the team. The two locations were 40kms from each other and we had 1,5 hours for the whole photoshoot, because the bride was late with the preparation.

Then I watch this film from Godox…


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