Godox has announced a new flash-head for its ‘pocket flash’. The Witstro AD200 can be described as a whole system now with its high number of accessories available.

The new round head may be inspired by Profoto A1. Using a flash in off-camera mode the round head gives much more pleasing results regarding its light pattern than a classic rectangular head. The latter had been designed for on-camera use decades before, aimed to light up a 3:2 picture frame ‘seen’ by the lens and film/sensor.

The new round head has a magnetic mount as well so the user will be able to attach many accessories for it. At the moment there are diffusers, CTO gels, honeycomb with barndoor, background reflector and a snoot. This is the first time when CTO gels are officially offered from Godox for this flash.

Now the AD200 system looks like this…awesome!


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