A couple of weeks after the announcement the AD400PRO’s pricetag has become official.

It costs 649 dollars in the US at the moment, although the RRP has been set to 799 USD by the manufacturer. It is still cheaper than the 899 USD AD600PRO obviously.

If you hesitate between the AD360II and the AD400PRO, we suggest you to choose the latter as it is much more professional, more sophisticated, more precise, more powerful, easier to use, has Bowens mount and looks better. 🙂


  1. Any idea when AD400Pro will be available in the US? Either Godox branded or Flashpoint through Adorama? We are looking to buy a bunch of these for my University, but have to make the purchase soon.

    • We are not the official blog of Godox so we do know now it unfortunately. You should ask them via their Facebook Page (Godox Photo Equipment Co Ltd is the name you should search for)


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