The round flash head for the Godox Witstro AD200 pocket flash has been announced recently. Now we have more details about the accessory-family.

Yes, it’s a family because thanks to the magnetic connection a range of add-ons are becoming available.

The official name of the product is Godox Witstro H200R by the way. This is only the flash-head itself, the add-ons/accessories are sold separately.

We can use the H200R instead of the stock 35mm reflector head (H200) or the bare-bulb head (H200J).

Godox has probably intended to give a strike for one of the A200’s main competitor, namely the the Profoto A1 speedlight. They have presented a comparison as well, see it below. However in this illustration the A1 has not been mentioned by name, but we can guess it based on the shape of its silhouette.

 You might ask how the flash-bulb in the round head looks like? Godox also showed this:

The Godox H200R flash head has a magnetic mount and the company offers a bunch of add-ons for it. This accessories or add-ons can be multiplied or combined with each other if needed. You can use for example several gels + honeycomb grid + barn-doors at once if you want to.

Price and availability is unknown at the moment, although it looks like pre-order in the US has already started with 79 USD for the head and 59 USD for the magnetic accessory kit. We’ll see the European prices soon.


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