If you have ever seen and grabbed a regular speedlight, then your first reaction (when you buy and unbox this little Godox flash) will be: “soooo cuuute!!!”. And you will love it later on too, but only if you’ll not have unreal expectations.

Godox has developed the TT350/V350 flashes for mirrorless cameras. However nobody knows until today why mirrorless cameras have to be small by all means, but this flash will not make them much bigger or heavier.

This is definitely a small TTL speedlight but it seems or looks like a full featured one. It’s form factor looks similar, it’s head can be rotated and zoomed, it has TTL and HSS features, and can be act as a Master or Slave flash in Godox’s 2.4GHz X-system. All in all it does everything that its bigger brothers can do.

So what is the compromise? It’s smaller and ligher, and due to the physics, it is obviously weaker than those bigger flashes.

The Godox TT350 is the tool of event photographers,

because it takes only a little space in your bag, it does not make your equipment much heavier, and when you shoot at ISO800-3200 anyway, then it’s power will be enough too.

This flash is half as thick as others. It can be so thin because it requires only two AA batteries. Starting from that you can draw conclusions of its power and recycling time, which is officially 2.2s, but in real life it is around 3s. At half power it goes down to 1-1.2s. This one may be its only drawback on an event.

There is no problem with Godox TT350’s build quality, altough its hotshoe is made of plastic (at least the Sony version). The flash is small and lightweight so hopefully we will not have any issues with the plastic shoe. Anyway you should take care of it for sure.

The flash head can be tilted between -7-90 degrees and rotated until 270 degrees. It works in a favourable way because you can pop on the ceiling above your head when holding your camera in portrait mode. Many speedlights rotate in the other way.

During my test the TTL feature has worked well, I had no issues with it. Also the HSS works smooth though with this flash-power I think it’s a bit useless feature.

However it is not written on its box among the features, but the TT350 does provide 2nd curtain sync, if you set it up in your camera menu. Also it has AF assist light but it does not work on mirrorless cameras unfortunately.

The pops seemed to be stable, its color balance is literally awesome: there is only 100K difference in WB between min. and max power. By the way it fires around 1,5EV lower at Manual 1/1 compared to the bigger speedlights from Godox or Yongnuo for example. This flash has GN36 while the bigger speedlights have usually GN56 @ 105mm, ISO100. You can decrease the power for the Godox TT350 until 1/128.

You’ll have Multi mode as well with the TT350 as well as S1/S2 modes. It can be controlled as a radio Slave flash with Godox X1 or XPro transmitters (or Godox Master flashes) but the TT350 can act also as a Master flash commanding other Godox flashes and strobes from your camera in A-B-C groups.

All in all it is a small yet powerful speedlight, even if you don’t take ‘powerful’ literally. It has a wide range of features, its handling is intuitive, while it remains small, lightweight, easy to carry, not to mention it’s favorable price.

The Godox TT350 will be available with li-ion battery too (called Godox V350) with quicker recycle times and more pops with one charge.

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