Flashpoint from the US has updated their flagship TTL+HSS radio transmitter. Although no new Godox XPro on the horizon as we know.

FlashHavoc blog has mentioned the announcement of the Flashpoint R2 PRO Mark II transmitter. The R2 PRO is better known as Godox XPro outside the US (Flashpoint products are rebranded Godox products sold exclusively by Adorama in the United States).

However the R2 PRO has recently got a major update based on customer feedback in the US, FlashHavoc writes that this is the first product that is not designed by Godox but by Flashpoint and will be sold exclusively in the States.

That’s a pity because the updates are really cool:

  • 5 Quick Access Group Buttons Located Around Main Control Dial
  • 10 Quick Access Dedicated Function Buttons (see below)
  • Larger Main Control Dial
  • Built-in Bluetooth For Smart Phone APP Control
  • Mac and PC Firmware Updates Via APP
  • Single Group Test Fire Button (To Be Enabled)
  • Button Backlighting
  • Modelling Light Power Control (5% Increments)
  • Beep Function Control Via Individual Groups
  • Large Text – Menu Option
  • High Sync Delay Setting – Menu Option
  • Multi Mode Disable – Menu Option
  • Fast Group Management –  Shortcuts To Turn Groups ON & OFF
  • LCD Backlight Button – Shortcuts To Set LCD & Button Lighting
  • Updated Display And Functions
  • TCM update – TTL to Manual Convert back and forth (formerly only TTL to Manual, now Manual back to TTL is possible)

Detailed information about the “Godox XPro Mark II” can be found on FlashHavoc.



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