When you use the Godox XPro trigger, you may have experienced that it drains the batteries too fast. If you want to know why, read on…

I use Godox XPro as well during my work, and I’ve noticed that when I put fresh Eneloops in it, the battery indicator still shows low battery. Moreover it lasts not too long later on.

If you experience the same issue, I tell you why. It is because

rechargable batteries have only 1.2V voltage…

…and that is not enough for the XPro trigger. The company suggests regular alkaline batteries for their trigger, that has higher voltage namely 1.5V. Due to the fact that there are two batteries in the trigger, we are talking about the difference between 2.4V and 3V, so 20% less voltage which is too much. That is why the battery indicator on XPro’s display shows low battery all the time.

Moreover the lower voltage may cause malfunctions as well.

So try to put regular alkaline AA-s in your trigger, and you’ll experience the magic. 🙂


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