Nowadays almost every photographer use radio triggers in the studio. Most of them use it to control their strobes too. Although product photographers may have some obstacles while using them.

Sometimes when the camera stands high on a tripod tilted downwards or even positioned horizontally the user interface of the radio trigger become hard to reach or even difficult to look at it.

US-based Flashpoint tries to launch a so-called solution with their new product (see below) but it is not 100% good solution for the problem as it adds only 45 degrees tilt to trigger that may not be enough.

A modern solution could be adjustment with a tablet, smartphone or computer via bluetooth but it is not available at all brands yet.

So if we do not have other solution, I can suggest to use a TTL flash-sync cord. With that you can remove the radio transmitter from your camera by maintaining full functionality.

You can mount the radio controller on the leg of your tripod for example in order to reach its UI easily.

I’ve found this on the web however it is only a concept for 3D printing but looks a good way to mount the trigger on the tripod.



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