Beside the Godox V1 speedlight, Rob Hall showed us the a new Godox radio trigger as well. The Godox X2T is the second generation of the X1T trigger and will have many new features.

When Godox XPro trigger has come into play, many people – including myself – thought that the life of the old X1 trigger is over. Now it is clear that this type of trigger is not over but it will become even better than the high-end XPro from a certain point of view.

The form factor remained the same but it has been upgraded at every point. Let see the new features:

  • New user interface, dedicated group buttons, relocated control-wheel – these mean that using the X2 will be easier than the X1
  • It has the new hotshoe locking mechanism as like as the Godox V1.
  • The X2 has a new AF assist light that uses visible light instead of a red/infrared pattern
  • USB-C connection that is more up to date and more reliable than a microUSB
  • The long awaited Bluetooth connection has been arrived. You can connect the X2 to your phone or tablet, so controlling your Godox strobes and flashes will be available from your device. The phone/tablet commands the X2, the X2 commands the flashes. It is extremely useful when doing product photography in the studio while the radio trigger is hard to reach on the top of the camera.



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