Godox has announced new umbrella-softboxes along with other accessories with native Godox mount for their AD400 PRO strobe.

As you know the Godox AD400 PRO (review here) has Godox mount originally and light-modifiers with regular Bowens-mount can only be attached with an adapter to it. Although this adapter comes in a kit with the AD400 PRO.

Godox has now announced their softboxes with native Godox-mount so these light-modifiers can be attached to the AD400 PRO directly without an adapter. They offer parabolic softboxes with 65 and 85cm diameters with umbrella-like opening mechanism and both with silver and white inner surfaces.

This may be the first step for godox to spread their own mount in the world,

which seems to be a logical step from the company.

Every major studiostrobe-manufacturer has it’s own mount (eg. Broncolor, Profoto, Hensel, Elinchrom…). These days we already can say Godox is one of these major manufacturers. They have started out with the popular Bowens S mount obviously, without that they wouldn’t be able to build such a big customer base in such a short period of time. But offering their own light-modifiers to their strobes would be a better business to Godox as well as it would allow to design smaller and lighter strobes due to its smaller diameter (like AD400 PRO). And after a while I’m sure that 3rd party manufacturers would join to the new standard. Godox already has the power for doing all of these, although we are talking about a long term plan even a decade or more.

And of course I am talking about my own idea regarding this issue, maybe it’s just wishful thinking. However I’m sure that sometime in the future the old and bulky Bowens-mount will disappear.



  1. Actually, Godox havls build the last line of Bowens lights and also the ‘new’ Bowens is made by Godox (and now way more competitive prices). So instead of making a new mount, they should just call the Bowens mount the Godox mount.

  2. Is there an advantage if you use the native Godox mount?
    Is the light intensity different on a Godox mount softbox vs a Bowens one (similar size/shape)?

  3. I don’t understand why can’t Godox stick to one mount. Decided to make a new mount that is smaller then Bowens – ok, i am ready for that, especially with an ability of using adapters, but now they produce S30 with completely another mount again! I would gladly buy a small soft box from that S30 system, but unfortunately it has neither Bowens nor Godox mout! Why???


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