There are several signs throughout the web that Godox is preparing the PRO version of the renowned AD200 pocket flash.

After releasing the AD600 PRO then the AD400 PRO, it seems that also an AD200 PRO flash is coming from Godox, making the PRO-line complete.

Main features of the Godox PRO TTL+HSS strobes are color stable mode (measured ~40K shift within the entire power range), fast recycling times (1-1,5s @ 1/1), and the ability of 0.1EV power adjustment increments from 1/1 to 1/256 (8 EVs range). These features make them similar to high-end studio strobes like Broncolor and Profoto on a much lower price tag. These have made the PRO line so popular worldwide.

AD200 PRO has already been mentioned by Godox Ambassador Aries Tao, then we’ve just noticed that Adorama has listed an item with a similar name (although they’ve marked it as ‘discontinued’ and has no specifications). But the item’s pictures (see below) show a yet unknown PRO version of Adorama’s AD200-clone, the Flashpoint eVOLV R2. It has a slightly redesigned UI that is clearly noticeable on the buttons and the POWER switch.

Our crew will visit Godox’s factory next week, hopefully we’ll receive some more information about future Godox products that we can share here on

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    • I don’t think so. However you should try the round head (its review is coming soon here on The round head’s modelling light is much brighter, quite useful I’d say.

  1. Funny, looks less pro then the non-pro. If it fits to the existing AD-B2 I might consider them, as I have two of those (and two ad200’s), otherwise, I’ll stick to the current model.very happy with those as secondary lights next to the AD600.

    • Well that would look weird 😀 The Bowens mount is twice as big as the AD200. If it had a Bowens mount, you could forget to put this flash in your camera bag. For any other cases there is the Godox S-Type adapter.

  2. Any further new on the godox ad200 pro and its release date? Did you get any information from your visit to their factory? Thanks!

  3. Hi, is there any update about the AD200 Pro after your visit of Godox factory? Any possible availability date? Your feedback is highly appreciated 🙂

  4. What about having the moral backbone to do a Godox AD600Pro battery recall?
    Tens of thousands of photographers, Myself included, are stuck with AD600Pro batteries that do not work, effectively meaning that the two of My €900,- flashes (the newest ones at that!) are useless.
    Of course, I am not going to shell out €200,- per battery (even a cent for that matter), simply because Godox didn’t bother to ensure the batteries do work before shipping out the product.

  5. While I admire Godox for their desire to “upgrade” the AD200 to align with the other models in their lineup, personally, I find that the AD200’s power, consistency, ratio range, build quality and reliability, already exceed my needs as a small product photographer.

  6. Can the AD200 and AD200pro used at the same time same time in the double head AD-B2?

    I want to buy the second flash and I have already the non pro.

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