Godox is continuously broadening the features of their much appreciated AD200 pocket-strobe. Last year they announced a round flash head, here is our in-depth review of the item.

Godox has announced the H200R round head for Witstro AD200 in July 2018. This is the fourth flash head in addition to the original bare bulb head, the 35mm fresnel head and the LED video-light head.

Now let’s see what a round head is good for.

You might think that the AD200 already has a reflector head for such scenarios when you want to use it without any light-shaper. The standard reflector (or so called fresnel-) head gives you a light pattern equal to a 35mm zoom head speedlight. Additionally it has two rows of LED modelling lights although they are not quite powerful.

Is the H200R round head able to replace the 35mm fresnel head? Well, the answer is yes and no. In most of the cases the round head is better but not in every cases.

It has a more beautiful light

A round flash head has round light-pattern which is much more natural and even than the rectangle-shaped light-pattern of the 35mm fresnel head. The light of the round head falls down nice and smooth toward the edges which is a very useful feature for portrait and product photographers.

Distance from neutral grey wall is 1,5-2m (ISO100, f/16 @ 1/1 power)

Pls note that the H200R round head spreads the same amount of light on a bigger area so the measured amount of light at the center is less than with the 35mm fresnel head. According to my measurements it decreases by approx. 1,5 EVs. However while the light of the 35mm head falls down quickly toward the edges (and becomes a couple of EVs lower especially vertically), the round head light falls down gradually in every direction. The round head however concentrates the light better than a bare bulb head, so it is in between the 35mm fresnel head and the bare bulb head regarding the amount of light measured in the center.

There is a difference in color temperature as well between the 35mm head and the round head. The latter is more neutral (WB: 5500K, Tint: +11), while the 35mm head has a cooler color (WB: 6000K, Tint +15). The WB of the comparison-photos above have been set to 5500K and 0 Tint.

I was curious about using a silver umbrella with the round head. When doing a comparison of the heads, I’ve noticed that the bare bulb head is still the best option if a nice soft light is required from an umbrella. Just a remark: you can play with the bare bulb headed flash by moving it in an out from the umbrella – it will fill the entire umbrella with light by all means but the light intensity will change. If you want more light, push the bare bulb head deep in the umbrella.

Using the round head you will get a little bit different light with your umbrella which is much better than with the 35mm reflector head. You’ll get a round and even hotspot in the middle that falls down toward the edges of the umbrella, so the light effect will be a more sparkling and contrasty on your model.

You should look the comparison below carefully. You’ll notice that the best results were given by the bare bulb head and by the round head with dome diffusor. You’ll also notice that using an umbrella-reflector for the bare-bulb head is not the best option, and playing with the distance of a such equipped flash has no noticeable effect.

It’s modelling light is more powerful

Although the 35mm fresnel head has a modelling light as well, it is useless in most of the cases in opposite of the H200R round head which has a more powerful LED. It is better to use and its power can be adjusted in three steps by multiple press of the modelling light button. The modelling light of the round head has a more friendly and useable color temperature, while the 35mm head has blueish-greenish modelling light. The H200R is 4400K and +23 Tint, the 35mm head is 5900K and has a massive green tint that can be compensated by +45 Tint adjustment…it is like a classic fluorescent/neon lamp.

The round head gives the same light output on the lowest setting (lvl1 in the comparison below) as the 35mm head.

ISO 400, f/10, 1/3s – RAW develop with 5500K

Magnetic accessories can be added to it

The Godox H200R round head has a magnetic rim on the front and Godox offers many attachable accessories to it. These will be detailed in an upcoming review, but I can say now that this is a much more elegant and convenient way of applying color-gels or light-modifiers than any other solution like velcros, straps or adapters. All accessories are magnetic obviously so the can be multiplied: can can clip on a color-gel filter, a honeycomb grid and a barn-door attachment simultaneously for example.


The Godox H200R round head for AD200 is a well usable, universal accessory for the Godox AD200 owners. We’d suggest to use in itself, maybe with an umbrella, but if you use a softbox or other bigger light-shapers the bare-bulb head is a better choice. Using the round head in itself though you can have beautiful results in case of portrait, interior or product photography, or even spot-lighting a seamless background. The round head’s application can be broadened with the optional AK-R1 magnetic accessory kit which will be tested in an upcoming article. This set can be used with any of your speedlights too with the Godox S-R1 adapter (coming soon), moreover they will be compatible with the new Godox V1 round head speedlight.

The Godox H200R costs 88 Euros at MIKROSAT by the time this article is written.

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  1. There is another reflector for the 200 and 360 Godox flashes, a shallow one made specifically for use with umbrellas. It does not narrow the beam and only serves to eliminate wasted spill light from the bare bulb, hence the name some strobe manufacturers give to this kind of reflector: “spill kill.”


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