The aim of the Godox EC200 extension cord (also called as extension head) is to separate the lightweight flash head from the heavier body.

We do this in order the get a lightweight head together with a lightweight modifier which is easy to use, carry and hold – for cases when the flash is held by a boom arm or an assistant in his/her hands. The latter keeps the flash body in his/her pocket and holds only the small head with the light modifier in the hands.

Some photographers may use the EC200 on the top of their cameras. This is only possible with a Godox X1 trigger (that has an extra hot-shoe on the top) or maybe with a flash bracket. Using an AD200+EC200 on-camera, we’ll get a massive 200Ws “speedlight”.

On-camera use (Photo: Lajos Sziraki,

The Godox EC200 has a 185cm long, massive cable. One side goes on the body of the AD200 into place of the original flash head, the other side receives the flash head of your choice (fresnel, bare-bulb, round head, LED head). It’ important that the part with the cold shoe receives the flash head, actually you cannot assemble it any other way.

The mentioned cold shoe is strong, made of metal and being a cold shoe it has no electronic contacts. The head like this can be tilted 90 degrees in case of on-camera use.

During my test I observed that the head has a construction fail. The extension cord attaches to the head on the side, that makes hard to insert it into the Godox S-type Bowens adapter which is used by many Godox users. I’ve marked the issue with red on the pictures below:

If you want the head staying straight in the bracket, then you cannot insert it deep in the light modifiers like a softbox or a beauty dish, because the cord gets stuck on the side as shown above.

Head inserted straight, the bulb sits a bit deep like this

There is one more thing about the extension cord. That is not a construction issue but a physical issue: if you use such a cord as long as 2m, you’ll loose some flash power. The initial reviews said 0,5EV, but now I’ve measured it. The power-loss is just 0,1-0,2EV with the cord so it is not an issue at all.

You can buy the Godox EC200 extension head/cord here.


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