Both flashes has become official in the recent days. Most of the tips has been confirmed about the AD200 PRO.

It seems that the Godox AD200 PRO is now official, at least in the US under Flashpoint brandname. Godox has not published it on their own official channels yet.

Former guesses about this flash’s specs have become reality as the differences between the PRO and the non-PRO versions are the followings:

  • Stable color mode: the former +/-200K difference (between max and min power WB) has been reduced to 100K. It may seem still a lot, but don’t forget that the AD600 PRO was announced with 75K then we measured 35-36K difference only. Based on this, I guess the AD200 PRO will also have better numbers than the official values.
  • 9EV power range: 1/1 – 1/256 in 0,1EV increments
  • Slightly redesigned user interface and extra buttons
  • Redesigned POWER switch
  • USB-C port for firmware updates
  • Redesigned umbrella adapter: the AD200 PRO has two recessed slots around the 1/4″ mount so the mounted flash can not turn on the umbrella adapter any more.

The battery performance and recycling times remained the same and almost as well as the price: the PRO version will be only a couple of bucks more expensive than the original version.

Redesigned umbrella adapter mount and USB-C interface on the bottom

Godox has also made the V1 round-head flash available for pre-order, but we’ll talk about this later, because – as I know – Mikrosat GmbH (ie. the owner of this blog) will have a little surprise about this flash. 🙂


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