It seems that the new Godox V1 flash has been modified in the recent weeks. Godox now publishes a slightly redesigned model than they did earlier this year.

We’ve posted several articles about the Godox V1 speedlight since Photokina (where Godox has shown a prototype), but we were asked by Godox to remove all these articles from the blog as the photos in the posts are not good.

This information had been a little odd to me until I saw the pictures of the new model.

The Godox V1 officially looks like as seen below. It looks like this since it is officially available in the stores:

Please notice that the LED light on the front has been removed and the Godox-logo has taken its place. I do not know anything about this story, but I guess it has nothing to do with the recent dispute between Profoto and Godox. It is unknown why Godox banished the LED. However there is still a 2w LED modelling lamp built into the flash head, only the bigger lamp on the front has been removed.


  1. Hi,
    Is the Godox V1-O fully compatible with the Panasonic Lumix S1 camera as I read some early 2019 post that there might be some compatibility issues.


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