Godox flash units

Godox is an innovative lightning manufacturer from China. The Godox X radio trigger System is very reliable and it is compatible with all Godox flashes such as TT350, TT685, TT600, TT685 AD200Pro, AD300Pro, AD400Pro, AD600Pro AD600BM.

All Godox flash units can be used in master and slave mode because they Built-in radio receiver and transmitter to have.

Godox V1 flashes, XPro and XT2 radio triggers are available from us for Olympus, Fuji, Sony, Canon and Nikon cameras.

Mikrosat Studiotechnik GmbH is the representative of Godox in Germany. We offer repair service, customer service and also help with the warranty on Godox products bought on Amazon or Ebay.

If you haven't bought a Godox product from us, but you want to have it repaired, it's no problem, please click here:

Godox repair

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+49 40 228 133 722

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