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Mikrosat Digital 12R studio flash (1200Ws)

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A lightning bolt that never breaks?
Most photographers would like that.

We have made it our mission to develop just such a device. In the last ten years we have repaired numerous flashes from various manufacturers and gained our experience from this. We know that there are studio flashes that are faster or that look nicer, and there are also cheaper ones on the market. The branded stores may be experts in their own brands, but most of them are just selling. You don't have your own repair shop. We have learned from the mistakes of others.

Thanks to our experience, we know which parts of studio flashes break particularly often and have therefore avoided these sources of error. We have developed studio flashes that are particularly durable.

A Mikrosat studio flash unit never breaks.
That is our promise and our guarantee to you.

Product presentation video:

Working has never been so much fun! All flashes of the DIGITAL R series can be operated with a remote control * or even from a PC and MAC *. The only thing the flashes can't take is photography, but that's your job after all!

Among the numerous studio flashes from Mikrosat, the Digital R series is the top of the range of studio lights. The Digital R studio flashes are due to their manufacturing, quality and functionality as the most reliable of the studio flashes that are intended for everyday use.

The DIGITAL12R is the entry point in our DIGITAL R series. As with all DIGITAL R compact studio flashes, all important information is shown on an illuminated LCD display. Despite the enormous power, charging time and flash duration leave nothing to be desired. The 12R flashes reliably and constantly at the same color temperature, so that your photos do not show the operating time of the flash. A fan provides cooling under the aluminum housing. If the worst comes to the worst, the lightning bolt monitors the temperature of the capacitors and regulates them if necessary, which significantly extends the service life.

With the radio module *, several flashes can be combined into groups and set remotely at the same time or separately from each other.

Convenient, fast, precise setting thanks to high-tech rotary controls.
In addition to the latest technology, the good old rotary control - so valued by photographers - was also thought of, which combines today's high-tech with the usual functionality. Never go wrong in confusing menus again! Flash energy and modeling light can be set in next to no time using the rotary control, other, frequently used functions (photocell, readiness display, modeling light functions) have their own buttons for switching on and off.

Who has time to wait for the flash?
Anyone who has already missed a unique moment knows how important it is that the flash is waiting for the photographer and not the other way around. Compared to its predecessor, the charging time has been reduced by 50%. What does that mean? 1200 Ws in 1.5 seconds! Convinced?

With the Digital R series, constant light measurement is no longer necessary!
The device has an ACS function (Aperture Control System). With this system it is enough to measure the light once and set the values ​​on the flash. When the flash energy changes, the flash automatically determines the aperture setting required for this.

Powerful capacitors!
The aluminum electrolite capacitors built into the Blitz were specially developed for heavy use. Thanks to their stability, they can withstand rapid charging and flash triggering. The charge is sent to the flash tube as quickly as possible. Long service life guaranteed.

Newly developed protective glass
The removable protective glass is attached by a thread, which makes it much easier to exchange the flash tube, the modeling light or protective glasses with different color temperatures.

Robust, easily adjustable tripod connection
Thanks to the well thought-out connection, you can securely attach light shapers of any size and weight. The rail below the flash head enables the center of gravity of the flash / light shaper unit to be shifted in order to achieve the optimum position.

5 year guarantee on the flash tube

* USB adapter for the PC, radio module and radio remote control are not included in the price!

Flash energy: 1200 Ws
Power supply: 200 - 240V / 50Hz
Guide number: 90.1 (94) (ISO 100, 1/125 sec, 1m, standard reflector)
Control range (F-Stop): 8.0 F-Stop (1/1 - 1/128)
Power (Ws): 9 - 1200 Ws
Loading time: 0.05 - 1.5 s
Burning time (max. Power, t0.5): 1/1300 sec
Ready display: Optical (modeling light), acoustic
Modeling light: 650W halogen (G6.35), max 1000 W.
Modeling light regulation: Proportional, manual
Color temperature: 5500 K
Flash release: Digital R system, SWING I radio system (2.4GHz), sync cable, test button, photo cell, PC, remote control, iPad, iPhone
Display: 2 ”LCD
Cooling: fan
Overheating protection: Yes
Automatic unloading: Yes
Power regulation Single or 1/10 f-stops
Counter: Yes
Connection: Bowens bayonet (S-type)
Casing: aluminum
Flash tube: Perkin Elmer
Dimensions: 453x120x115mm
Weight: 4 kg
Guarantee: 5 year guarantee, also on the flash tube

  • 1x Mikrosat Digital 12R studio flash (1200Ws)
  • 1x modeling light (650W, G 6.35)
  • 1x protective glass
  • 1x protective cap
  • 1x power cord
  • 1x sync cable

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