Godox AD-B2 Dual Power Twin Flash Head for AD200 AD200Pro

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Product Benefits:

The AD200 flashes can be upgraded with all additional parts, one of which is the AD-B2 Dual Power Twin flash head.
With its help, you can install two Godox AD200 / AD200Pro flashes together in a light shaper and thus a 400W power can be achieved.
It can also be used with two flash tubes of AD200 / AD200Pro flashes, or also with an AD360 flash tube.
The adapter can be used with any light shaper that has a Bowens connector.
The standard reflector of the Godox SK300II studio flash is also compatible with this, when using reflex screens.

What can he do:

  • AD200 / AD200Pro Dual Power Twin Flash Head is suitable for installing two Godox AD200 / AD200Pro flashes together to achieve 400W power that provides high quality lighting and ideal light source
  • With lamp tripod connection - 5/8" (spigot)
  • Thanks to the Bowens bayonet connection, you can enjoy a great freedom when choosing light shapers

We recommend it:

  • If you want to achieve more performance with your AD200 / AD200Pro flash
  • 1x Godox AD-B2 Dual Power Twin Flash Head

Guarantee: 1 year

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