Godox Xpro Sony Flash Trigger

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What can he do:
  • Wireless trigger to control compatible Godox system or studio flashes
  • Integrated Godox 2.4 G Wireless X System
  • Provides full support for TTL and HSS features.
  • The large LCD display with lighting makes it easy to read all data
  • 16 groups and 32 channels for wireless operation and triggering
  • Eleven customizable features
  • Tcm stands for TTL - Convert - Manual. The trigger then converts the current performance of this TTL flash group to a manual value, so that after a long press of the TCM key, the TTL groups are converted into manual groups.
  • High Speed Sync, Zoom Control and Flash Exposure Lock
  • Cross compatibility - Another big advantage of the Xpro closure is that it can not only control the same flash type in TTL mode. This means, for example, that a Canon controller can control not only a Canon-compatible Godox flash, but also Nikon (e.B. TT685N) or Sony (e.B. V350S) or Olympus / Panasonic or Fujis Godox. The same applies to other versions of the Xpro release
  • Range: approx. 100m
  • Working with multiple flashes at the same time - controlling flashes from different manufacturers is no problem. There is a built-in receiver for Godox flashes. however if you are using a flash from another manufacturer you only need to purchase a Godox X1R or X2R receiver


  • 1x Godox XPro Sony Flash Trigger

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